End of summer hair restoration package

  • Partial highlights (Balayage) with olaplex

  • Glossing treatment

  • Hair cut

  • Blow dry and style

What you'll be getting with this offer:

Beautiful, modern multi dimensional hair that is soft and sun kissed and low maintenance. 

A complete look that is fully customized to your face shape, lifestyle and overall goals.

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I only have 8 vouchers available at this price. Originally valued at $225 this is a savings of $75!

Hello Beautiful!

I''m so thrilled that you are here,


My name is Melina.

I am a Wella certified master colorist, Balayage specialist and educator.

My mission is to make every woman feel beautiful in her own skin and create a low maintenance, Pinterest worthy hair that is customized to you and your lifestyle.

My goal is to take a simple experience and make it extraordinary for you. So you can feel pampered, enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet and have fun while getting your hair done.


Looking forward to making your hair dreams come true!



Beautiful Dimensional hair craeted by me

Popular questions my clients have about Highlihts...

Who is a good candidate for Balayage highlights? 

Any one who is looking to have a low maintenance and natural dimension in their hair. 

How long should this appointment take?

Most clients walk out of the salon in about 2 and half hours. 

Everyone's hair grows at a different speed. Most clients can go between 3-6 months.

How often do I have to maintain the highlights?

Will this service cover gray hair? 

Not completely, the highlights will blend the gray to some degree.

If you would like to have your gray hair retouched, additional color will be needed which will be at an additional cost of $75.  

How do Balayage Highlights look when they are growing out?

One of my favorite things about Balayage is that, it grows out so soft and seamless with no harsh lines 

Any one who is looking to have a low maintenance and natural dimension in their hair.

Are you ready to welcome the new season with beautiful, Dimensional and healthy Hair?

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