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Are the minerals in your shower damaging your hair?

Have you ever noticed the white spots from the hard water build-up on your beautiful black granite counter tops? by the way if you have white counter tops and can't see the buildup, it's still there; pretty annoying right? now imagine that same build-up in your hair. for the same reason that a regular detergent wont get rid of those spots on your counter tops, a simple shampooing will not clear the build-up from your hair!

don't worry! there is a very simple solution that you can receive from your hair stylist at your local salon. it's called a 'malibu make over'. it is a 2 step treatment. the first step is the "malibu crystal gel" which safely and effectively removes mineral build-up such as iron, calcium and copper from your hair. step 2, is the "malibu miracle repair", which deposits vitamins and protein back into your hair. after receiving this treatment you can maintain the results by using a clarifying shampoo once every two weeks at home, for up to three months. with that being said, you can actually schedule this treatment as often as you like being that the product is safe, %100 vegan, and gentle for all ages including infants and children.

these are some of the benefits that you can experience from receiving this treatment:

-removing mineral build-up, will aid in a successful processing of color and highlights. and it will speed up the processing time.

-it prevents the appearance of brassy tones, caused by chemical reaction between minerals and chemicals in the color or lightener.

-it helps prevent breakage prior, during, and after service by stopping the oxidation process; a crucial step during any coloring service.

-receiving this treatment between your regular color service can maintain vibrancy and bring your color back to life.

-it helps reduce scalp irritation and prevents flaking and itching. Yep, we're talking about that annoying dandruff, eczema and psoriasis.

-if you are a swimmer this will help with removing the chlorine and other oxidizers that are damaging to your hair. it even removes the green swimmer hair right away! perfect for the little blonde swimmers.

-By depositing protein in the hair, it slows down the future build-up from the exposure to hard water.

working with a professional hair stylists, you can achieve all of these benefits in under an hour.

who needs it?!

the answer is every one!

Note: i am not sponsored by, or receiving any benefits, from malibu C (the maker of malibu make over). The benefits are exclusively from my experience as a professional hair stylist and results may vary from person to person. be sure to have a full consultation with your stylist prior to any service.

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