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Helping busy women, feel confident by creating Pinterest worthy, dimensional, low maintenance and easy to wear hair in Santa Clarita Valley since 2010 

"You can Be Gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and Irresistible for the rest of your life."
-Coco Channel-
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 I'll double check that the date, time and the requested service, make the most sense for your hair needs.

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Arrive at the salon relaxed and confident, knowing I will be beyond prepared for your first visit and walk away feeling like your best self.

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The Most Honest Stylist

 Melina is the absolute best no words to describe, one of the most talented stylists I know and I know quite a bit.She is an amazing person her smile is the most inviting, any thing I ask of her she does it to the T. The most honest stylist I know. She will tell if something doesen't work etc. I have never been disappointed, you wont be either”​




—  Christine B.

Here's what I do best.....

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