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Welcome to your New Salon Home!

I can't wait to meet you, so let me make this easy for you!

New Guest booking option #3

Can't Get Enough Blonde!

Do you prefer to be lighter and brighter throughout your hair? Maybe you usually get a full highlighting service or Balayage through out your entire head. Either way, let's get you booked for the all over dimensional blonde and we will make our final plan after you arrive. We will start your visit with a thorough consultation, then I will perform a complete highlighting service either with foils or Balayage technique, a glaze to enhance your new brighter look, cut or trim and Blow-dry style.   

Choose the "Can't Get Enough Blonde" when you book below.

New Guest booking option #4

The I'm All In Blonde!

Are you dreaming of Major transformation and want to be significantly lighter? We are talking about extreme transformation from dark to light where every single strand of your hair is being touched.

If you are ready to be transformed, lets get you booked with my dynamic blonding service. We will start your visit with a thorough consultation, then I will use all my tricks from babylights, to foilyage, Balayage and color melting addressing every single strand in your hair, cut or trim and Blow-dry style.

Choose the "The I'm All In Blonde" when you book below.

New Guest booking option #5

Just a Cut!

Let's get you booked!

New guest booking options!

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy, I get that, so I want to take away all of the usual stress and confusion through my unique new guest booking experience.

New Guest booking option #1

Timeless Transformation!   
$200 (2 hours)

Discover the "Timeless Transformation" package, a rejuvenating experience that embraces your unique beauty while seamlessly covering grays with a color matching or shifting formulation process.This package includes a personalized consultation, a professional haircut, and a revitalizing journey towards a timeless and vibrant appearance.

During your visit, We will begin with a thorough consultation, understanding your desired outcome and crafting a customized approach to address those pesky grays. Using the finest quality product, I will  blend away any signs of gray hair and restoring a youthful allure.

Complementing your refreshed color, You will be provided with a precision haircut tailored to your individual style and features. So that we can ensure you leave with a chic and contemporary look.

Choose the "Timeless Transformation" when you book below and lets us turn the clock back.

New Guest booking option #2

Sun-kissed Radiance!
$250(2 hours 30 min)

This Block of time is perfect for those seeking a touch of lightness with minimum amount of highlights as a soft sun-kissed effect to frame the face.

During your visit, we'll begin with a personalized consultation to understand your desired outcome. Next I will expertly apply face-framing highlights, carefully hand-painted or placed using modern foil techniques, to add beautiful pops of brightness to your hair. To enhance and refine your hair with a stunning sun-kissed radiance.

But that's not all!! Your experience also includes a precision haircut to keep your hair looking polished and a professional blow-dry to complete your fabulous new look.

Choose the "Sun-kissed Radiance" when you book below and step into a world of effortless beauty and low-maintenance glamour.

New Guest booking option #3

Effortless Elegance!
$320 (3 hours 15 min)

 This package is designed to illuminate your hair with stunning partial highlights. I will employ the artistry of hand-painted balayage or the precision of modern foil techniques to craft a mesmerizing interplay of light and color throughout your tresses. 

During your visit, we'll start with a comprehensive consultation to understand your unique style goals and preferences. Then, I will create partial highlights that seamlessly blend with your natural hair, enhancing your features and adding dimension. 

Alongside a comprehensive consultation, this package also includes a haircut and blow-dry to refine your style. Embrace the allure of a radiant glow as you leave the salon, turning heads with every step you take.

Choose the "Effortless Elegance" when you book below and let us elevate your style.

New Guest booking option #4

Dazzling Brilliance!
$465 (4 hours 15 min)

Experience the "Dazzling Brilliance" package, an extraordinary transformation that will envelop your hair in captivating full highlights. I will employ the artistry of hand-painted balayage or the precision of modern foil techniques to create a breathtaking symphony of color throughout your locks. This package includes a comprehensive consultation, a precision haircut, and a flawless blow-dry to complement your vibrant new look.

We'll start your visit, with a thorough consultation to understand your desired outcome and tailor the highlights to suit your unique style. Using my expertise, I will carefully apply full highlights, whether it be through delicate hand-painted balayage or precise modern foil techniques, to infuse your hair with dazzling brilliance.

To complete your glamorous transformation, I will then provide you with a precision haircut that harmonizes beautifully with your new highlights. Finally, a professional blow-dry will leave you with a stunning style that showcases the full radiance and dimension of your hair.

Choose the "Dazzling Brilliance" package below and step into a world of captivating beauty, where vibrant full highlights, a personalized consultation, expert haircut, and flawless blow-dry come together to create a truly dazzling look.

New Guest booking option #5

Cut & Style Revival!
$100 (1 hour 15 min)

Experience the "Cut & Style Revival" package, a transformative journey dedicated to reviving your look with a tailored haircut, personalized consultation, and a flawless blowout style. This package is perfect for those seeking a revitalizing hair experience that redefines their style.

We will start your visit with a comprehensive consultation, understanding your desired outcome and exploring your unique preferences. Then, I will craft a customized haircut that breathes new life into your locks, accentuating your features and reflecting your individuality.

Following your precision cut, you will be treated to a luxurious blowout style, ensuring your hair is perfectly coiffed and exudes effortless beauty. Embrace the renewed sense of confidence as you step out with your revived cut and style.

(please note at this time I'm not performing any (short Pixie haircuts) if you are looking for that specific cut reach out to me and I will direct you to an expert stylist who specializes in short Pixie haircuts.

Choose the "Cut & Style Revival" package below and embark on a journey of personalized attention and Let me help you revive your look and rediscover a fresh sense of style.

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